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Design & Technical


Design and Technical

We have invested heavily to enhance our in-house 3D modelling and pressure vessel design capabilities.

3D Design

We have fully embraced the move away from traditional 2D CAD to state of the art 3D design software. Solidworks is used for the generation of concept designs, 3D modelling and manufacturing drawings. Solidworks has fast become the industry standard for intuitive 3D design with its productivity, power and proven track record. The use of Solidworks has brought fantastic, results both within the company and to our customers. More accurate manufacturing drawings are generated for production plus design concepts are now much more easily communicated to customers.

Pressure Vessel Design

We use OhmTech’s VVD (Visual Vessel Design) software for the calculation and design of pressure vessels to a number of design codes including PD5500, ASME VIII Div. 1 and EN 13445. The VVD program is used by companies worldwide and by more than 75 different Notified Bodies. It is based on a very user friendly graphical design concept and includes a unique 2D and 3D drawing module which allows the user to export their drawings to other applications for rapid drawing production.

Design Verification

Design documentation for pressure vessels is submitted to an independent notified body for design verification prior to manufacture. When a design approval is received, the manufacturing drawings are released for materials procurement and production.


Detailed handover documentation packs are provided where required, each specifically tailored to meet customer and project requirements.